Working With a Will

No, not yet, move nothing until
you have filled yourself with
intention, or
your act will freeze, immutable, and
your thought will have aborted
into misshapen stumbling. 
We stammer in the effort to speak, lurch
out of a passion to walk, slump
in lieu of sitting; yet, 
within, awareness reaches toward
an attainable state in which
we seek to direct our selves
as a rider guides the most accomplished of
horses, crupper gathering, hooves
pattering, neck yearning toward
heaven, and the supple trunk
conveys itself over the earth without
anticipation or effort. 
This is the ascent into the self,
encountering possibility just as it
flowers into the actual. 
We attain fulfillment only if we carry
the breath of the world
without surrender
or escape. 

Peter Davison

About the Poem
This poem was on the cover of our annual Report for 1998 and established the word, "Intentionality" as our touchstone theme for the following year, 1999. To inter-phrase the last third of the poem with our view of ourselves, "We attain fulfillment"... (in our work as brokers, partners and small business owners) ..."only if we carry the breath of the world"... (a belief in the importance -- to a life well-lived -- of conflict, effort, resolution, consideration, definition, continuing tension, and forward movement) ..."without anticipation or effort, without surrender or escape."... on behalf of our clients. 

To our customers we claim that we always know what to do next. Nevertheless, we are transparent to our clients so that our actions also serve as openhanded invitations to question us and our judgements. We are not creatures of mindless habit, routine, defensive reactivity, hidden agendas, sleight of hand, or malicious manipulation. We ought always to be able to explain to you how our advice is responsive to your situation, how our actions advance your interests -- all things considered -- and how the reaction of the evaluating world is to be interpreted in light of what we recommend you do next.