Satisfaction is the agent
Of satiety. 
Want a quiet commissary
For infinity. 

To possess is past the instant
We achieve the joy. 
Immortality contented
Were anomaly. 

Emily Dickinson

About the Poem
Mick Jagger has complained in song quite successfully since 1965 that he, "(Can't get no) Satisfaction". IRC has claimed, just as earnestly since 1987, that we, ("Don't want no) Satisfaction". Emily Dickinson could be our lead singer, as we may have mentioned elsewhere, and her #1036 - the cover of our 1999 Annual Report - is self-explanatory as to why. 

Our little company will pass from existence the day we stop wanting. So long as we are dissatisfied, so long as we can maintain a sense of dissatisfaction on behalf of our clients, until the day comes we consider ourselves to have "achieve(d) the joy", we will labor on to immortality, fed by the infinite commissary of our discontent. 

"To possess (success?) is past the instant we achieve...", so we work every day in the tense presence of the present tense. That is what success feels like to us. It is more of a guiding star than a homecoming contentedness for which we long.