Client Access Limit Manager (CALM) 

CALM is a web-based service that uses your trading experience to:

  • Constantly monitor a customer portfolio for signs of payment delinquency
  • Set realistic customer credit limits
  • Provide real-time management reporting of overdue accounts, credit risk aggregations and changes to customer risk profiles

CALM takes an automated feed of customer details, invoices, payments and credit notes from your accounts receivable system and runs the data through a credit-scoring algorithm to assess customer risk and set credit limits. CALM can be customized to:

  • Assist companies with the management of trade credit insurance policies
  • Provide delinquency analyses
  • Calculate bad debt provision
  • Generate overdue account reports
  • Create treasury forecasts
  • Identify cost of capital relative to days sales outstanding (DSO)

CALM can be utilized with trade credit insurance policies to assist with:

  • Management of insured credit limits (both named and discretionary)
  • Past due reports
  • Sales reports
  • Premium calculation

CALM’s real-time credit management information can be used to:

  • Automatically generate invoice eligibility reports for credit facilities
  • Help to expand the borrowing base
  • Increase credit availability

CALM is sold as an annual subscription with pricing based on the number of customer accounts and complexity of your accounts receivable system. The initial setup is typically not difficult but it depends on your ledger systems used and the expertise within your company’s IT group.