Credit Limit & Exposure Analysis Report (CLEAR)

CLEAR is a unique service available exclusively through IRC.  The program compares the accounts receivable of a client to important aspects of their credit insurance policy.  Third-party data is combined with details of the insurance cover and with accounts receivable data from the company to provide the CLEAR report.  The service is available monthly, quarterly or annually depending on client needs. 

CLEAR is designed to help highlight the most common defects in coverage, deficiencies that may result in claim denial by the insurer.   Common claim problems include:

  • Billings to a non-existent buyer
  • “Coverage” on the wrong buyer
  • Shipping when not allowed by the policy
  • Over-shipping an insured limit
  • Violating the condition of a discretionary credit limit 
  • Shipping to a country where there is no coverage

CLEAR, via an internet based report, streamlines the process of checking these critical areas and alerts you when a problem is detected.

CLEAR requires the payment of a small annual fee based on the size of the policy as measured by the number of buyers insured.  CLEAR requires no installation; data is provided from the customer in an Excel spreadsheet and the report is run.