Where were you in 1987?

While Jack Johnstone & Rob Downey were busy getting our company off the ground, the rest of us were in various stages of our career development...

Brandon Baker

Brandon Baker

Here I was at 15 years old, “AirBaker” with my mother. It was Parents Night at Marion Harding High School for the freshman basketball team. I remember the moment well, standing in front of all my classmates, thinking, “Please, please, Mom, DO NOT embarrass me!” She didn’t, but my game sure did – I scored a whopping two points playing 5/center that night and got destroyed playing defense in the paint against some 6’5”, triple-doubling man-boy on the other team.  

Dan Bakle

Dan Bakle

I was working as a valet just below IRC’s offices.

(This was really 1993 but we couldn't resist!)

Tracy Chen

Tracy Chen

This is the only group photo I had in 1987. I was five years old and we gathered at my grandfather’s home to celebrate the Spring Festival.

Kim Cordero

I received an award for the picture I drew of a New York Rangers hockey player that was displayed at the Macy’s art show.

Michael Downey

Four-year-old Michael Downey playing “hitter hitter” with his father Tim Downey on the grounds of Napoleon High School.

Rob Downey

In 1987, I was in the International Trade Division at Ohio DOD, bringing foreign manufacturers into the state. Jack Johnstone was a colleague, assisting exporters and we both worked on international issues. Best government jobs ever! A week after this photo was taken, I departed with Jack to start Johnstone Downey Finance International, and six weeks after this was taken, my wife joined the department as my former boss’s boss! Je ne regrette rien!

Jordan Deng

I was at home in Pittsburgh, working on my doctoral dissertation. My wife worked at H.J. Heinz HQ. I travelled between Pittsburgh and Penn State.

John Evascu

I was at my grandfather’s house with the neighbor’s dog in Atwater, Ohio (between Akron and Youngstown). My father’s side of the family came from nearby Alliance and Sebring, both fairly large Romanian communities during the years between the two World Wars.

Ayo Fapohunda

I was celebrating my third birthday after brushing up on my mathematic skills in preparation for my career in trade credit insurance.

Matt Handwork

This is of me and Leanna at a Christmas party in December of 1987, during our Sophomore year at Miami University.

Carwin Hill

IRC was born before I was, but I approve of both conceptions!

Marie Hill

I was the postmistress in Ostrander, Ohio (between Marysville and Delaware).

Kristine Hofstra

My first international trip visiting the Motherland (The Netherlands) with my parents. I paid for my own plane ticket.

Gayle Jacobs

Before visions of political risk insurance danced in my head, I was dreaming of being an astronaut and had a tremendous experience at space camp. It may have been a slow news day, but the story was on the cover of the Kalamazoo Gazette.

Jeff Jankowiak

I was working for The National Provisioner in Chicago, a company that provided critical price reporting data for the beef, pork and lamb industries. I was 27 years old and worked specifically on the beef and cattle desks. I had just moved to my new home and this picture was taken in December of 1987 with the greatest dog I ever had. His name was Edward.

Jack Johnstone

Jack enjoying a cigar on his birthday. Ah, the good ole days.

Pearl Kamdar

I was in Heidelberg, Germany as the first female employee to be delegated as an expatriate for BASF. This was my German driver’s license.


Suresh Khairwar

I was at a small gathering at my house with family and friends. My mother is in front of me.

David Koran

I had pledged and joined the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity at Bowling Green State University.

Carine Lee

I was a sophomore at the University of Illinois and having way too much fun.

Austin Leo

This was picture day and the first day of basketball tryouts for Montgomery Elementary School in New Jersey.

April Martin

Lights! Camera! Action! Beautiful, big brown eyed girl is on a mission! Smile for the camera! Work the camera! It’s April Martin’s third grade picture day at Jefferson Elementary School in Warren, Ohio.

Kathy Martz

In August of 1987, I moved to Columbus after graduating from Kent State in December of 1986. This picture is from a wedding and I am sporting the shortest hair of my life, a la Molly Ringwald!

Trish McCarthy

Pool side August 1987, Dayton. Young international banker and before motherhood and the wild world of credit insurance……

Tiffany McIntire

I was five years old, in the same house in Diamond Bar that my mom renovated for us and we are living in now.

Amy McLoughlin

In 1987, I drove from Nantucket to San Francisco in my little Chevy Sprint. I checked into a Motel 6 every night then called my mother and would not leave my room until I got on the road again in the morning as I was terrified traveling by myself. This picture was taken when I stopped in Colorado Springs to ski and stay with friends along the way.

Mercedes Plant

On a Business trip to Bogota, Colombia.  My first year of juggling motherhood with international travel!

Mark Regenhardt

In 1987, I was in graduate school at the University of Missouri, Colombia working towards my M.B.A. I don’t have many pictures of myself back then. Didn’t even own a camera, as I recall. I found this one which was for the yearbook, I think. The following year I joined Caterpillar in Peoria, Illinois.


Lindsey Seibert

I was four years old in Strasburg, Ohio in 1987. I had just became a big sister and was no longer an only child. I loved to swim in our pool with my family, pick out my own outfits, have my hair styled how I wanted it (not what my mom thought was best). I was already testing and challenging the world and its “rules,” which you can see by me standing on the bench at Easter dinner. As my mom said, “You were quite the opinionated little girl.” Nothing has changed!


Pete Shiptenko

In 1987, I was finishing my first year of college at Ashland. The mullet was a force.

Mike Treleaven

This was after a Hartford Whalers game with (NHL coaches) Ulf Samuelsson and Kevin Dineen.

Samuel Valezi

I was at my parents’ house in Sao Paulo finishing my Economy graduation.

Olev Viro

In 1987, I was still new to Columbus and took a spring break trip with new friends to go fishing in Lake Cumberland, Kentucky. As usual, we didn’t catch many fish but as Steve Wright says, “There is a thin line between fishing and standing on the shore looking like an idiot”.


Ed Yauch

It’s complicated.


Bill Carl

At home for family Thanksgiving, 1987.