The music section of our website will be updated every few months, and each update we will pick a new IRC partner to choose five of their favorite songs and write a short forward.  In doing this we hope to give a glimpse into the personality of the people you may work with and talk to every day.  The songs will simply be links to YouTube which you can enjoy at you leisure.  Next up, Kathy Martz from our Indianapolis office has chosen some her favorite songs to share.  Enjoy!

Kathy's Forward

My parent’s choice in music influenced me greatly, they enjoyed a wide variety of genres: blues, rock, old school country, Latin and classical. I grew up listening to: Ray Charles, Glen Campbell, Roger Miller, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Bing Crosby (at Christmas), Herb Albert and many more artists, too many to mention. Below is a small sampling of some of my favorites, I think you will see by my choices I too like a variety of genres. Enjoy!!!

Rolling Stones: Sympathy for the Devil. I have seen the Stones in concert a few times but the most memorable was July 4th 2015 at the Indianapolis Speedway. Loved hearing all the old hits!

Bob Marley: Could You be Loved. My 1st experience with reggae was a trip to Key West FL while out on the town one night I happened upon Capt. Tony’s bar where a Reggae band was playing, I was hooked! This experience led to learning about and loving Ska which is a precursor to Reggae and Rock Steady. I saw the in concert at Chelsies bar in the Short North (Columbus, OH) in the mid 90’s and I think the average age of the band was 75 and they rocked the house!

Talking Heads/David Byrne: This Must be the Place (naïve melody). This has always been a fave of mine but even more so after 9/11. David Byrne played The Newport (Columbus Oh) on a Friday night after the attacks and when this song was played it was magical because everyone sang along in unity, additionally there were 3 women that played violin solos during the song which enhanced the experience.

Lucinda Williams: Righteously. I am a big fan of the slide guitar in this song and of course her sultry singing voice.

U2: One Tree Hill from the Joshua Tree, which happens to be an all time favorite album of mine!

Steve Aoki and Laid Back Luke featuring Lil’ John: Turbulence. This song is a great workout song and it reminds me of going to late night Raves in the 90’s! High Energy!

Christina Georgina Rossetti: In the Bleak Midwinter. Get ready to hibernate!


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